Unimod B1: Assembling

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Unimod type B1 (click to enlarge)


Unimod is the minimal module capable of oscillating autonomously. To assembly it the following parts are needed:

  • One MY1 module fully assembled (Assembly instructions)
  • One Skycube board
  • One flat battery pack for 4 AAA batteries ready to use (Instructions)
  • The part D
  • 4 male/female spacers. Size M3, length 12mm
  • 4 spacers (female/female). size M3, length 10mm
  • 8 M3 bolts. Length: 6mm
  • 2 M3 falt head bolts. Length: 8mm.
  • 2 M3 nuts

Beginning: Parts needed to mount one UNIMOD type B1 (Click to enlarge)
End: One Unimod type B1 finished (Click to enlarge)


Icono aviso.png IMPORTANT! If one Unimod type A1 has already been mounted and we want to build a new Unimod type B1 from it, just unscrew the MY1 module and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise.

Steps 0-3: The same than for the Unimod A1

The step from 0 to 3 are exactly the same than for assembling Unimod type A1:

Step 4: Screw the MY1 module to the Skycube board

Icono aviso.png IMPORTANT! Place the module on top of the Skycube board in the same orientation shown in the picture.

Skycube board screwed both to part D and to the battery pack, one MY1 module and 4 bolts (Click to enlarge)
MY1 module on top of Skycube. Respect the same orientation shown in the picture! (Click to enlarge)
Screw the module to the Skycube board (Click to enlarge)

Step 5: Connect the servo and the power supply

  • Connect the servo to the Skycube board to any of the 3-pin headers available (corresponding to servos number 2, 4, 6 or 8). The black wire should be pointing towards the red power switch.

Unimod with the servo connected (Click to enlarge)
Unimod, with the power supply connected (Click to enlarge)

Paso 6: Install the batteries

  • Finally, place the 4 AAA batteries in the battery pack. Turn on Unimod to test the power supply connection. The red led should be on.
Unimod with the 4 AAA batteries installed (Click to enlarge)
Unimod is on (Click to enlarge)


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