Unimod 2D-B1: Assembling

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Unimod 2D type B1 (click to enlarge)


Unimod 2D is the minimal block that oscillates in two perpendicular planes. One module pitches and the other yaws. It is the minimal common element for building pitch-yaw modular snake robots.

To assemble it the following parts are needed:

Begining: Parts needed to assembly UNIMOD-2D B1 (Click to enlarge)
End: One Unimod-2D B1 finished (Click to enlarge)


Step 1: Screw the MY1 module to Unimod B1

1) Place the MY1 module and Unimod B1 as shown in this picture(Click to enlarge)
2) Join the MY1 module with Unimod B1 (Click to enlarge)
3) Screw the MY1 module to Unimod B1 Unimod B1(Click to enlarge)
4) Place the 4 bolts and nuts (Click to enlarge)

Step 2: Connect the module's servo to the Skycube board

Connect the module's servo to the Skycube board. It can be connected to any of the available 3-pin headers.

Icono aviso.png IMPORTANT! Connect the servo in the correct orientation. The black wire is connected to GND
1) Connect the servo to the Skycube (Click to enlarge)
2) Unimod-2D B1 is ready! (Click to enlarge)


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