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  • H. Zhang, W. Wang,J. Zhang, "A Novel Passive Adhesion Principle and Application for an Inspired Climbing Caterpillar Robot". Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics, Malaga, Spain, 14-17 April


Abstract—This paper presents a novel passive adhesion principle which is used firstly for an inspired modular climbing caterpillar project. After a related survey on the natural creatures which can climb on the vertical surface with different materials, a systematical summarizing on four attachment methods adopted by climbing robots worldwide is given. Then a low-frequency vibrating passive attachment principle is presented in order to keep the merits and eliminate the shortcomings of using the normal active vacuum suckers. The adhesion principle, related mathematic model and rational testing are presented step by step. The new passive suckers based on this principle are used on an inspired modular climbing robot, which is currently under development in our consortium. On-site testing shows application of our passive suction method can free climbing robots from the heavy vacuum ejectors and realize an effective simple adsorption, furthermore improve the inspired technological level and flexibility of the locomotion capability.



ICM09_Passive_suckers.pdf Paper (PDF)
ICM2009_Passive_suckers.odt Paper in Openoffice format (ODT)
ICM2009_Passive_suckers.pdf Slides, in PDF
ICM2009_Passive_suckers.odp Slides, in Openoffice format (ODP)



  • ICM09. IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics 2009 web page