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* [[Skycube|Skycube board]]
* [[Skycube|Skycube board]]
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[[Categoría:Robots modulares]]
[[Categoría:Robots modulares]]

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The Cube3 robot, with 3 MY1 modules


Cube3 is a 1D topology pitch-pitch modular robot. It consist of three modules. For assembling it the following parts are needed:

Beginning: Parts needed for assembling Cube3 (Click to enlarge)
End: Cube3 robot (Click to enlarge)


Step 0: Perform the previous assembly

To assembly Cube3 it is necessary to first build the following parts:

  1. Build Minicube-I
  2. Build one MY1
Build Minicube-I (Click to enlarge)
Assemble one MY1 (Click to enlarge)

Step 1: Screw the module to Minicube-I

1) Minicube-I, one MY1 module and 4 bolts and nuts (Click to enlarge)
2) Screwing the MY1 module to the Minicube-I robot (Click to enlarge)
3) Minicube-I is screwed to the MY1 module (Click to enlarge)
4) The cube3 robot is ready (Click to enlarge)

Step 2: Connect the servo to the Skycube board

Connect the module's servo to the Skycube board. It can be connected to any of the free 3-pin headers

Icono aviso.png IMPORTANT! Connect the servo in the correct orientation. The black wire should be pointing upwards

1) The skycube board with three connected servos (Click to enlarge)
2) Cube3 is finished(Click to enlarge)

Step 3 (Optional) Secure the wires with cable ties

Optionally, cable ties can be used to secure the wires. This step is similar to Minicube-I:_Assembling#Step_3_.28Optional.29_Secure_the_cables_using_cable_ties

1) Placing a cable tie for securing the wires (Click to enlarge)
2) The Cube3 robot with cable ties(Click to enlarge)


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  • 23/Feb/2011: This page is created!