2009-06-22:Hamburg:Introduction to the locomotion of limbless modular robots

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  • Title: "Introduction to the locomotion of limbless modular robots"
  • Speaker: Juan González
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Place: TAMS Group. Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Natural Science. University of Hamburg. Germany
  • Date: Jun, 19th 2009
  • Description: Seminar for the students of the "Modular robotics course"



File Description
2009-06-19-Modular-robotics-open-seminar.pdf Presentation Slides in PDF
2009-06-19-Modular-robotics-open-seminar.odp Presentation slides for OpenOffice


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Some of the videos shown during the talk:


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  • I would like to thant to Dr. Houxiang Zhang from the TAMS group for inviting me to give this seminar. Thank you very much


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