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4 Configuration 2: Pitch-Yaw-Pitch (PYP)


Figure: Pitch-Yaw-Pitch (PYP) Configuration. a) A cad rendering showing the three modules and its rotation angle ranges. The module angles $\varphi_{1}$, $\varphi_{2}$ and $\varphi_{3}$ are set to 0. b) A picture of the robot

Three Y1 modules are employed in this configuration. The outermost modules rotate in the pitch axis and the one at the center in the yaw axis (Figure[*]). Only one more module is added, but three new kind of gaits can be realized: 2D sinusoidal movement, lateral rolling and lateral shift. The same sinusoidal function is applied (equation [*]) but in this case $i\in\{1,2,3\}$.


juan 2005-10-07